Hawai`i Unbuttoned
A Practical Guide to Buying and Selling True-Vintage Hawaiian Shirts
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You can also buy it directly from the publisher, BookSurge.

thehanashirtco.com is owned by Robert Hayes, who has been involved with Hawaiian shirts for three decades. If Robert tells you a given shirt was made in the 1950's, it was made in the 50's; you can bank on it. 

vintagehawaiianshirt.net provides an inspiring look at classic examples of beautiful shirts from the true-vintage years. It is especially valuable for people new to old Hawaiian shirts who want an overview of patterns, colors and styles.  

Originalsurfnsand.com is maintained by Camille Shaheen-Tunberg, daughter of the late legendary Alfred Shaheen, premier among the pioneers of the Hawaiian shirt industry. Shaheen's risk-taking and resulting ability to print and produce his own fabrics are widely credited with keeping the industry strong and guiding it into worldwide growth and fame. 

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