Hawai`i Unbuttoned
A Practical Guide to Buying and Selling True-Vintage Hawaiian Shirts
Hawai`i Unbuttoned is a practical guide to identifying, buying and selling true-vintage Hawaiian shirts from the 1930's to the mid-60's and beyond. It is available at amazon.com (see the Links page), and can be ordered at any bookstore connected to the ISBN database. Reading it, you will learn how to tell genuine true-vintage shirts from reproductions. You will see close-up color photos of 385 shirt manufacturer's labels arranged alphabetically and chronologically, a valuable aid in dating shirts. You will learn how to inspect shirts for flaws and measure them accurately, decide whether to buy to wear or invest, use the Internet when shirt hunting, and avoid needless expenses like paying for inflated appraisals. As a buyer, you will know more about old Hawaiian shirts than many of the people trying to sell shirts to you. As a seller, you will be able to present your shirts honestly and knowledgeably. Throughout the book the emphasis is on practical applications.
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